An Exhaustive List of 100 Things to do in Self-Isolation

By this point, some of you might be needing a little bit of inspiration on things to do inside your home. But don’t worry! We’ve taken some of the leg work out for you and populated an exhaustive list of ideas! You know, those things you’ve always wanted to do, but never quite found the time! Here it goes…

1. Write a blog

2. Start journaling

3. Read a book you’ve never had the time to read but always wanted to

4. Start watching a new TV series

5. Re-organise and take stock of your fridge and cupboards

100 things to do in quaratine

6. Clean your windows

7. Plant something new in your garden

8. Make your own quiz night

9. Try to draw your favourite memory

10. Press some flowers

100 things to do in quaratine

11. Make some greeting cards for family

12. Write a letter to a loved one

13. Try making your own candles

14. Try a new recipe

15. Bake some bread

16. Do research on your favourite author

17. Clean your garage

18. Put a scavenger hunt on for your kids

19. Make a pillow fort

20. Have a movie night

100 things to do in quaratine

21. Try making your own takeaway food

22. Rewatch some classic Disney movies

23. Play the ‘floor is lava’

24. Take a walk in nature

25. Go on a bug hunt

100 things to do in quaratine

26. Do a home workout from youtube

27. Take up an instrument

28. Learn a new language

29. Phone/Facetime your relative

30. Have a photoshoot with your kids

100 things to do in quaratine

31. Play a game of charades

32. Make a healthy smoothie

33. Purge your social media of negativity

34. Scrapbook your last holiday

35. Take up yoga

100 things to do in quaratine

36. Dance like no one is watching

37. Sing like no one is listening

38. Descale your kettle

39. Clean your oven

40. Stick to a healthy sleep schedule

100 things to do in quaratine

41. Take up meditation

42. Sell your old clothes on Ebay or Depop

43. Throw out all your socks with holes in

44. Dust your plants

45. Vacuum under your bed

100 things to do in quaratine

46. Make a bucket list of things to do after you get out of quarantine

47. Cosy up on the sofa and play Animal Crossing

48. Learn to make a new cocktail

49. Research your family tree with

50. Plan your dream holiday

100 things to do in quaratine

51. Plan a party

52. Mood board your next room design

53. Research a country you know nothing about

54. Cut out fashion from magazines and create a dream wardrobe

55. Set up a bird feeder and research the birds that visit

100 things to do in quaratine

56. Make an insect home in your garden

57. Grow your own butterflies and watch them hatch

58. Teach your dog a new trick

59. Attempt to teach your cat a trick

60. Make your own dog treats

100 things to do in quaratine

61. Cook dinner for your partner and light some candles

62. Join Spotify and stream the Covid-19 quarantine party playlist

63. Put on a play with your kids

64. Discover a new youtube creator

65. Make up a dance routine with your family

100 things to do in quaratine

66. Try ballroom dancing with your partner from youtube tutorials

67. Take up Ballet

68. Select your top 10 movies and write reviews on them

69. Clean your makeup brushes

70. Clean/polish your shoes

100 things to do in quaratine

71. Make a TikTok account

72. Create an Instagram page for your furry friend

73. Make some fresh lemonade

74. Run a mile

75. Run a mile again but in less time

100 things to do in quaratine

76. Create a still life painting

77. Collect objects from outside to make a collage with

78. Tie Dye an old t-shirt

79. Embroider a cushion or piece of clothing

80. Make your own Crunchie bar

100 things to do in quaratine

81. Have a games night

82. Grow a beard

83. Make your own pasta

84. Make paper aeroplanes and race them

85. Sharpen your knives

86. Put on a shadow/sock puppet play

100 things to do in quaratine

87. Use Skyview to find out what constellations are out right now and take up stargazing

88. Label and name your houseplants

89. Clean your fish tank

90. Take up calligraphy

100 things to do in quaratine

91. Learn how to touch-type

92. Find out about your local history

93. Rearrange your furniture for a fresh look

94. Take up knitting

95. Go foraging for food for free

100 things to do in quaratine

96. Take a maths exam and see if you’re as smart as you think you are

97. Make a music video

98. Make your own soap

99. Make your own Hand sanitiser

100. Share this blog with 5 friends

100 things to do in quaratine


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